Controversy of Diamonds

You would be hard pressed to find a diamond collector now days who did not know about the diamond conflict. Conflict diamonds have been a topic of great conversation for a while now, and the conversation is not going to die out any time soon. Are you aware of this conflict and how it really shaped the diamond market? It is important for you to take your time and really get to know what is going on with this diamond controversy, especially if you want to be a smart diamond collector. The following are some things that you need to read over to make sure everything goes just like you want it to go with your diamonds.

What are Conflict Diamonds?

Whenever you hear someone refer to blood diamonds, then they are also referring to conflict diamonds. A conflict diamond will be one that is stolen or illegally mined. It will then be sold in the money will go to help terrorists and rebel militias. The money is used for weapons and it will come at the expense of forcing men, women and even children into digging for them. If you protest this work then you will have a limb cut off, or even killed, and it will be done so that others can see your punishment. Angola, the Congo, the Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are the places that are more known for conflict diamonds.


They way that these conflict diamonds were released into the market were that they were smuggled in with legitimate diamonds. There are new steps in the process along the way to make sure that these diamonds are stopped. Groups like the United Nations have started the Kimberley Process, which monitors the diamonds at every point of the production process. Thanks to this process it has really cut down on smuggled blood diamonds. It is estimated that the market is now 99.8 percent blood diamond free. There are also future techniques in the works, like optical signatures, that will cut down more on blood diamonds.

The Lasting Effects

Pop culture has really taken this on. Not only has there been a movie about blood diamonds, but celebrities are leading the way and making sure they do not buy blood diamonds. This has become a big human and animal rights issue that many people want to take on. Obviously humans are at risk because they are forced to work in these mines in poor conditions, and if they do not cooperate then they can be killed. Children are forced into this which can cause lasting damage for years. Even animal populations are dying off because these rebel groups are looking for new places to mine. Poachers will killed the animals for meat, paving the way for new mines to pop up.

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