Diamonds in the Movies

Since the early days of film, Hollywood and the movie industry has been enamored by a little stone known as the diamond. These precious stones have been showing up in films and on actors or actresses for years. There are literally hundreds of movies with the word “diamond” in the title and even more with important plot points revolving around them. With their brilliant shine and luxurious appeal, it comes as little surprise that the rich and famous are strongly attracted to the glamor of diamonds.

Believe it or not, many films actually have used real diamonds on their sets, as fake props simply fail to deliver the same awe-inspiring effect. Whether they’re draped on the actresses or act as the main protagonist in a heist film, diamonds will seemingly always have a place in movies. Here’s a look at some of the most famous movies involving diamonds.

Diamond Films

  • A Fish Called Wanda - Made in 1988, this classic diamond caper had it all with double crossings, armed robbery, and a loot of diamonds right in the middle of it. It even garnered several Oscar nominations, with Kevin Kline winning the best supporting actor award.

  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - A well known Marilyn Monroe classic, this movie might be most famous for her musical performance of Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. It’s also celebrated for the 25 carat canary diamond, known as the Moon of Barada, that Marilyn wore.

  • Blood Diamond - With 5 Oscar nominations, this Leonardo DiCaprio thriller may be the most recognizable film involving diamonds released in recent years. While the main plot revolves around the chase for a priceless diamond, it also explores the atrocities in the conflict-diamond business

  • Diamonds are Forever - What would any list be without a James Bond movie? In this film, Sean Connery stars as the incomparable 007 agent on a mission to hunt down some missing diamonds involved in a smuggling operation.

  • Snatch - Gambling, unlicensed boxing matches, and anything else you can imagine in the seedy British underworld plays a role in this caper. The numerous plot twists and turns eventually lead back to the film’s incompetent criminals and the giant 84 carat diamond they’re after.

  • To Catch a Thief - Alfred Hitchcock brings his signature suspenseful style to this crime mystery. Cary Grant stars as a reformed jewel thief suspected of several recent robberies that he did not commit. Trying to prove his innocence, he must find out who is really behind the crimes.

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