Cleaning and Caring for Your Diamonds

Do you have a diamond or diamonds that seem to have lost their luster over the years? It’s a common problem, but there’s nothing worse than taking poor care of an expensive diamond. Why allow such an illustrious stone to lose it sparkle and shine? These are a diamond’s trademark qualities, but they can be severely diminished if not properly cared for. Diamonds are meant to last a life-time and they’ll do just that with the right knowledge. Here’s a look at how you can clean your diamond and keep it looking brilliant.

Popular Cleaning Methods

  • One easy method to clean your diamond is by letting it soak in a cold water and ammonia mixture. Just fill up a bowl with half water and half ammonia, and then let your diamond soak for about a half hour. Allow it to dry and you’re good to go!

  • Another simple do-it-yourself cleaning technique involves placing your diamond warm water mixed with detergent. This doesn’t require any special cleaners, just use some dish detergent you have at home. You can also use a brush to hand clean the diamond, just make sure it has soft bristles, otherwise you could cause damage to your stone.

  • Finally, there are many specially designed diamond cleaners out there as well. You can find them anywhere from your jeweler to those late-night television advertisements. While most of these are effective, be sure to follow their directions carefully and avoiding coming in to contact with the solution, as they can be harmful to your skin.

Tips and Warnings

  • Even if you manage to take excellent care of your diamonds and clean them regularly, they should receive a professional cleaning from your jeweler about once a year.

  • Sounds like common sense, but always make sure your sink drain is closed whenever you take your diamond off around it. Despite hearing warnings like these, hundreds of people lose their diamonds down the drainevery year.

  • Do not use chlorine bleach to clean your diamond, as it can cause damage to the stone. That also means you should avoid wearing it in places where you come in contact with chlorine, such as pools.

  • Almost any everyday soap, lotion, or cleaning product can dull your diamond’s shine. Try to keep it away from products like these or at least clean it afterward.

  • Check to make sure your diamond is securely in place if it is on a band. The prongs holding it down can loosen and eventually cause your diamond to fall out. Your jeweler can help tighten it for you.

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