About Diamond Certificates

What is a Diamond Certificate?

What’s the most important part about buying a diamond? While everyone wants a high carat weight and beautiful clarity, having a diamond certificate is the best way to prove your diamond’s value. Sometimes referred to as diamond grading reports, diamond certificates are basically all-inclusive blueprints of your diamonds. They explain all the individual properties of your stone, such as its cut, weight, measurement, and other important details that help determine its grade. It helps determine the value of your diamond and can be used for identifying it if it is ever lost or stolen.

Typically, you get your diamond certificate when you purchase the diamond itself for a small fee. For any experienced diamond owner, purchasing a diamond certificate is well worth the cost. Here’s a look at why everyone should have diamond certificates for their diamonds.

Why You Need a Diamond Certificate

  • The main reason why a diamond certificate is necessary whenever you purchase a diamond is that it justifies the cost and gives you proof that the diamond you’re purchasing is indeed real. It’s unfortunate that many people have been tricked into purchasing illegitimate diamonds or overpaying for lower grade stones, but it’s a problem you can completely avoid with a diamond certificate.

  • Another important reason for diamond certificates is that you almost have to have one if you ever wanted to sell your diamond. Whether they want to trade up for something larger or simply don’t want the diamond anymore, many people find themselves trying to sell off their diamonds at some point. Without a diamond certificate, there’s no proof to back up the diamond’s value and will usually force the seller to drastically lower their asking price.

  • No one wants to believe it could happen to them, but there have been many cases of people leaving their diamonds at a jewelry store for a repair or cleaning, only to bring home a different diamond entirely. Whether you get a different diamond on accident or because it was purposely swapped out, you’ll need proof that you’ve received the wrong diamond. With a diamond certificate, proving which diamond is really yours is easy. Certificates map out every minuscule detail of diamonds and you can even get your unique certificate number laser inscribed on your diamond for extra security.

  • With many diamonds valued at thousands of dollars, it’s no surprise that some people want to insure their stones. In order to insure a diamond at its full amount, you will almost certainly need a diamond certificate. Having a certificate to authenticate the price guarantees you that you can insure your diamond for what it’s really worth.

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