Five Things Diamonds Do for You Everyday

#5 They Drill Your Teeth

Okay, this isn’t something most of us have to go through every day, but did you know that when a dentist takes a drill to your teeth, odds are that the bit on that drill is diamond-crusted? That’s right - tiny flakes of diamonds molecularly bonded to the drill head to make sure that they can cut through the super-hard enamel coating of your teeth in no time flat. It makes the drill bits significantly more expensive to coat them with diamonds, so you can reasonably expect that the dentist passes on that little extra cost to each one of his patients. Smile!

#4 They Help You See

Have you looked through any glass lately? Your windshield, a window, eyeglasses, perhaps? Odds are one or all of them were cut using diamonds. Diamonds are valued very much for their ability to cut glass with a straight edge and with no friction build-up whatsoever. This means that a diamond edged-saw can cut for hours without needing special cooling equipment to keep the blade from overheating or melting.

#3 They Helped build Your Car

You don’t think that ordinary wood saw you have in your garage is what they use at Toyota or Ford when cutting the individual metal pieces that make up your car, do you? Those specialized, electronic saws are almost always diamond-tipped at the blades to make slicing through metal nearly as easy as cutting through butter with a hot knife. Again, they do this with zero friction and essentially zero wear on the diamonds themselves.

#2 They Put Gas in Your Car

Where did the gas in your car come from? From the gas station, right? Where did they get it? From the gas truck. And from there? The tanker that brought it from the refinery and processed it from the barrel of oil that was pulled out of the ground using…diamond-bit drills! That’s right, every day around the world diamonds are hard at work drilling through the earth to bring up sweet crude that will eventually end up in your gas tank.

#1 Hard Polish

Anything that is considered hard like glass or rock and needs to be polished to a smooth sheen will often be polished with a substance that includes very fine particles of diamond dust (also called graphite). This includes polishing other diamonds and gems like emeralds and rubies.

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